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Welcome, BRIGHT TRIM is your source for custom automotive upgrades and appearance accessories. Our highly polished parts will help you personalize your late model car, truck, or SUV and our Body Side Moldings, painted to match your vehicle, personalize and protect. 

You will find these quality materials providing the shine you want:
  • Polished Stainless
  • Chrome Plating
  • Body Side Moldings-Painted to Match
  • Chrome Line Painted Body Side Molding
  • 24K Gold Plating, and anything else we can find that shines

Some of our products include:

Pillar post trim     Rocker panel trim     Wheel well or fender trim
OEM chrome plated tow hooks    Custom emblems & stainless trim
Chrome plated covers for door handles, mirrors, fuel fill doors
Chrome plated bezels and trim for head and tail lamps
24K gold plated emblems     Custom exhaust tips
Chrome Line Painted Body Side Molding 
Body Side Moldings-Painted to Match  
 Custom 3D license plate frames
   Under hood & Engine cover trim  

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