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Build Your Package

Bright trim, the way we sell and use it,  whether it is chrome, polished stainless steel, polished billet aluminum or some other kind of bright trim is used to accent and enhance the appearances of vehicles.  The auto manufacturers used to employ more bright trim than they do now and their customers were wanting and adding more back then.
Now vehicles are coming from the factories in a lot of plain jane unicolor looks with a fairly limited amount of bright trim.  New car dealers need and want for a vehicle to catch your eye and spark your interest when you are looking for a car.  Adding bright trim to one of their cars makes that Altima or SRX or F150 get your attention and whether you wind up buying that particular vehicle or not, they have turned your head, made you smile, got a response, etc.
At Bright Trim we have put together some packages of product that were are popular with the dealers or that just look good and they are priced more attractively than the individual components are when purchased indiviually.  These packages may not be for your vehicle or what you want on your vehicle so we decided to let you build your own
BUILD YOUR OWN PACKAGE  means just that.  Pick two or more regular priced items you would like for your vehicle and your savings will start at a minimum of 10% and could go higher.  To get an exact quote on your package, pick the items you want and click on EMAIL to tell us about your package.                                                               
Pillar post trim     Rocker panel trim     Wheel well or fender trim
OEM chrome plated tow hooks    Custom emblems & stainless trim
Chrome plated covers for door handles, mirrors, fuel fill doors
Chrome plated bezels and trim for head and tail lamps
24K gold plated emblems     Custom exhaust tips  
 Custom 3D license plate frames
   Under hood & Engine cover trim